Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to ER Studios - Your Friendly Neighborhood Sound Company

ER Studios is an events management company dealing with musical instruments, lighting systems, staging/canopies, sound system, artiste management and recording studio based in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Its main activities are organizing events, equipment rental/event management and recording facilities for rent, as well as bands for hire for events. ER Studios is managed by Eizaz Azhar, a young musician with much experience in the field of entertainment.

Eizaz currently plays for a number of bands and ensembles, the most recent being his involvement in the Istana Budaya Youth Orchestra as 1st Clarinet. He teaches and performs clarinet (Grade 8 Trinity), piano (Grade 8 ABRSM), drums, keyboards and saxophones. He also has much experience in handling live events and is a seasoned performer on stage. He currently manages ER Studios as both a performer and musical director, and is a full-time businessman and music educator.

Apart from music, Eizaz is also a computer programmer and works on computers on a freelance basis from time to time. Okay, enough talk, more photos!

This was taken during a rehearsal session in ER Studios (Lot 3015, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade, Sri Petaling). Juang on guitars, Alex on drums, Eizaz on tenor sax. Forgot the bassist's name (sorry bro - gimme a ring if you see this)

Our good friend and fellow musician, Miss Aziah on alto saxophone. This was a wedding function in KL where ER Studios was in charge of all entertainment - we set up tents, lights, music and sound for all guests

ER Studios was put in charge of casting in order to act out a real estate commercial - believe it or not this was out small ensemble that made television! Brien on saxophones, Juang on guitars and Eizaz on percussion

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Kieran Silkirk said...

not bad....keep it up...hoping you'd post upcoming events too. :-)