Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Afterburner plays at UCSI Indian Cultural Society Sangkeertana Night

On the 27th of September 2008, the ER Studios in-house live band AfterBurner gave a rocking performance at the UCSI Indian Cultural Society Sangkeertana Night, Sedaya College, Cheras. The band Afterburner consists of several experienced musicians and plays mainly in the style of jazz-funk/fusion. The repertoire for that day was rather diverse; Afterburner played a few Tamil numbers, a few Malay hits, instrumentals and even jazz renditions of popular songs which rocked the night away!

The band AfterBurner consists of:

Sivam (Drums)

Toro (Piano)

Alex (Bass)

Juang (Guitars)

Eizaz (Saxophone/Flute/Vocals)

AfterBurner Gang

All in all, the function was a success and everyone had a great time! We hope to entertain you once more at the next event - until then, stay tuned, and we are AfterBurner!

PS: Videos coming soon...

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